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What are points?

Posted By d t on Dec 19, 2012 at 7:15PM

Hi!  What are points?  What are exactly for?  I could not find the answer to this anywhere in the website.

am i pregnant? please enlighten my mind

Posted By Kyle Miraflor on Nov 25, 2012 at 9:28AM

The story began September 13, the first day of my menstruation. My first time on dianne-35 pill. After a week i had sex with my bf (September 20). that day i forgot to take my pill. So on the next day, i took two pills and continue to finish my first pack. During the tablet free days, i had a period October 11(7th day of tablet free). My period that time is a little heavy but only one day. But just like any other people say, maybe my body is just adjusting because its my first time taking birth control pill. So i did continue, taking dianne as per instruction. With each passing day, im somewhat confuse because i had only one day period. So i decided to take HPT on October 25 (6th week from my first day of period September 13). and it turned out negative. But still im not yet convince thats why i took again HPT on November 6, and then the result is negative. Within that day, November 6, i had 3 days period. Now the problem is, my breast is swelling and hurt to touch. Is it only PMS or any chance that the HPT is inaccurate? I already stop the dianne pills. After my last period. Its two weeks now, and im feeling that my breast is swelling and hurting. I had only one time sex with my bf September 20. and i didn't do it again until now. Because im so scared and I have been so stressful this past few months. Please let me know anything. Is there any way that im pregnant? Or its just PMS because i stop taking the pill? i have a lot of pimples now, cant sleep well.

Permalinks Don't Work Error 310

Posted By cristalena56 on May 9, 2012 at 5:16PM

I recently bought a domain name and mapped it to my on sugar blog but now when you click on my tag and category links it comes up with an error message saying there has been to many redirects. How do i fix this?? Also when i was trying to add links into my blog, the link window wont load. Ive deleted my cookies and cache. I thought maybe it had to do with chrome, but i tried with internet explorer and the browser on my phone. Much help would be appreciated, thanks!!


i've emailed onsugarhelp@sugarinc.com but have gotten no response :( I got my domain name with godaddy.com


I saw that the error is a 310 and is for my permalinks


Posted By Pamela Brown on Apr 27, 2012 at 6:12PM

Hi i have a Boy Blue wall pic from the 80s is he worth anything now

Why Recycling

Posted By meganjpeterson on Apr 17, 2012 at 11:53PM

Why recycling? Cleaners in London will explain to you why you should do it and what are its benefits. Start recycling now and make our planet a better place for you and your future generations.

If you still don't recycle, it's about time. Every day, more and more people start making the difference and preserve the Earth, its supplies and the environment. Cleaners London will share with you why recycling is so important, but be sure that these are just a few of the benefits.


1.Recycling preserve the planet's natural resources. It saves raw materials such as trees, metal ores, minerals, oils, etc.


2.When you recycle, you also conserve energy. Cleaners in London explain that to produce a new product takes much more energy than the recycling process. They also say that recycling aluminium saves almost 100 % of the energy required to make the material from scratch.


3.Cleaners London note that recycling reduce the water and air pollution.


4.One of the most important benefits from the recycling is that it preserves the landfills. Recycling minimizes the amount of materials which are going there and that way we “extend the landfills' life”.


5.Another really important benefit is that recycling gives jobs and saves you money.


Cleaners in London can give you many more tips and explain to you why recycling is so important. As I said in the beginning, recycling is important, because you preserve the planet Earth and your own health as well. Think about you, think about the future generations, think about the benefits – it's simple and easy.

How do you limit wall visibility to friends?

Posted By Connie Chung on Oct 23, 2011 at 9:39AM

How can I limit the visibility of my Wall so that only my friends can see it?

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Posted By kirralovesjustinb on Sep 21, 2011 at 9:27PM

what is this website about?

Posted By AishaAlAqeel on Sep 2, 2011 at 7:14AM

How do i Quit or Leave a Group ?