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How Do I Add an Image?

Posted By Community Manager on Aug 21, 2009 at 10:31PM

Look for the the Insert Image button, which is located in the Rich Text Editor bar. If you use Raw HTML, click on Add Image below the Body.

Not only do you have access to your own images but also all of ShopStyle's selection, Getty Images, and Your Bookmarks. You can start the upload process by clicking on the Upload Image tab and follow the prompts by the media assist box. All images you have uploaded from your computer will remain in Your Images tab.

How Can I Customize Each Image?

  1. Size: Use the dropdown menu to pick from a variety of different sizes. Please note the image cannot be wider than 550.
  2. Alignment: Use the dropdown menu to pick Normal, Left, Right, Center. If you leave it as Normal, text will not wrap. Selecting Left pushes the image to the left of the wrapped text, Right to the right of the text. If you select Center, your image will appear above your text and centered in your post.
  3. Link: Use the dropdown menu and pick None or Full Size. None will leave it blank, and Full will make it a link to the full-sized image.
  4. Description: Add a brief description of your photo, it makes it easier for other people and google to find your great images.